The Educational Boards, Universities are conducting the examinations of various disciplines which have become very critical, now days and facing lot of problems summarized below …..

  • It is a very complicated task as input of student is extremely high

  • In changing present scenario, it is high time to think, how to match the available man-power with actual work load being it is elephantine task

  • High skill is required to manage the Examinations Activities

  • Reputation and Goodwill depends upon accuracy, speed and confidentiality throughout Examination process and specifically while declaring the Results

  • At any cost, such work, is to be completed within a given stipulated time

The most effective measure, which can overcome above stated problems and can improve the efficiency, secrecy and transparency of the examination system, is the induction of computerization of various activities related to the conduct of examination and declaration of results. Therefore, making it successful, we have logically designed and developed our product by maintaining the concepts of customization. Basically, our product relates with “Examination Result Processing Systems” with following characteristics ….…

  • Controlled Access for user operations

  • User Access Tracking

  • Use of mainstream RDBMS like Oracle / SQL Server

  • A provision to print student photograph on Marks / Grade Sheet and Degree Certificate

  • Incorporation of third party tools like ICR / OMR ensuing speed and accuracy

  • Integration of all Examination Related Activities and a scope to add more

We have christened our product as  which will help to achieve the desired goal of Examination process and now, it has been also proved over a period by accomplishment of satisfied users.


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